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Snoop’s Made a Mixtape of All the Samples Used on Doggystyle
Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Doggystyle, and a lifetime of being a CERTIFIED MOTHERFUCKING G, Snoop has put on his floor length fur coat of a DJ alter ego, Snoopadelic, to put together a mixtape of every sample used to make his landmark debut album. 

Not only is it full to bursting with funk bangers that helped put Bay Area rap on the map, it also features smooth as shit commentary from the man himself, as he talks us through Curtis Mayfield classics and purrs about laydeez in bubble baths and nonchalant sunset-bathed lowrider cruises. Be still my beating heart <3


"Gun got all peanut butter it dont never jam"

- Lil B (via goodjuxandsex)

When ever I see Drake on tv I always think “Jimmy get back in the wheelchair”
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